The HBT-3 is an easy to use, compact, accurate Bagpipe Tuner. Simply the best tuner for anyone having trouble tuning their pipes. Simply play Low A, calibrate the tuner and your ready to start tuning your bagpipes. What makes this tuner even easier to use is when you've reached the 'in tune' (calibration frequency), the entire LCD glows green. Once all tuned, the HBT-3 is small enough to put in your pocket or sporran until you need to tune again. It's a powerful little tuner, perfect for pipers and truly makes piping more enjoyable. Accuracy and Sensitivity: The HBT-3 delivers precision accuracy and will detect any pitch flucuations pipers produce, which means if the blowing is not 'spot on'... the HBT-3 needle will highlight this. However we've added a 'velocity' (v) button which allows you to slow down the needle movement if required. The velocity button allows greater tolerance to pitch/ pressure fluctuations, which is very hand at times. The HBT-3 calculates movement at 1Hz steps. Along with it's superior detection, sensitivity and adjustable needle speed, allows the piper the best possible opportunity for fine tuning. Dimensions: 80mm*15mm*59mm, 64gms. Key features of the HBT-3 (which put's it ahead of other tuners!) • Dual speed needle style meter, allowing control of how fast you would like the needle to move. • Single Hz movement between -10 & +10 Hz of the calibration frequency- for absolute accuracy. • Fast response time, less than -20ms • Note, frequency and calibration frequency displayed on the large LCD • Backlit LCD display for high visibility- particularly outside • Internal microphone • External Bagpipe clip microphone also included. • Drones & Chanter mode Also included, the specially designed HBT Clip microphone. • Ultra sensitive peizo sensor • Highly responsive • Strong firm spring • Soft padded contacts so it won't damage your pipes. • 1.75m lead • Quick to attach and remove

HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner

  • $115.00