Smallpipes in the Key of "A"
Blackwood Folk Pipes look and sound beautiful, with wood and metal mounts, and a premium setup. The Blackwood adds warmth and depth to the already enjoyable Folk Pipe sound, which results from experienced engineering, a cane chanter reed, and quality synthetic drone reeds. The pipe bag has a zipper, allowing easy access to the complete moisture control system and drone valves inside. You'll have all the components you need to customize the setup to your playing style. For instance, you could use the drone valves without the drone moisture control tubes. The pipes come with a tailored black cover and matching drone cords. These pipes do require more gentle treatment than the Poly version because the drones are slender and wood. Made in Scotland.
Features of the McCallum Blackwood Folk Pipes:
  • Blackwood drones and blowpipe
  • Mopani and engraved alloy mounts
  • Poly stocks
  • Poly chanter
  • Key of "A"
  • Deluxe cane chanter reed for smallpipes*
  • Specialty Ezeedrone drone reeds
  • Synthetic zippered pipe bag
  • Black bag cover, tailored to fit
  • Black silk drone cords
  • Drone valves
  • Complete moisture control system (If you're using the drone moisture control pieces, you'll need to remove them to fit the pipes in a case)
*Note: The cane chanter reed is delicate, and there is not much clearance in the chanter stock. You'll want to take extreme care when removing and inserting the chanter; it would be easy to knick the corners, and the reed is rather expensive to replace.
Also photos shown are of the plain (not engraved) photos will be updated


McCallum Blackwood Folk Pipes with Mopani & Engraved Alloy

  • $1,500.00

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