• McCallum Poly Folk Pipes - Smallpipes in the Key of "A"

The Folk Pipes are great-sounding, reliable Poly smallpipes with significant reed and system upgrades. Like the Highland pipes, Folk Pipes have a bass drone and two tenor drones positioned over the shoulder. The pipes are engineered for excellent sound, which is enhanced by the premium cane chanter reed and the quality single-blade synthetic drone reeds. The pipe bag has a zipper, allowing easy access to the complete moisture control system and drone valves inside. You'll have all the components you need to customize the setup to your playing style. For instance, you could use the drone valves without the drone moisture control tubes. The pipes come with a tailored black cover and matching drone cords. Overall, this instrument delivers a sound much more complex than its simple appearance suggests. Made in Scotland.

McCallum Poly Folk Pipes - Smallpipes in the Key of "A"

  • $1,100.00