Peterson's most feature-packed portable electronic tuner.
Tune practically any instrument with Peterson's most advanced Virtual Strobe™ model.

In addition to chromatic tuning accuracy of 1/1000 semitone, over 90 programmed Sweetened Tunings™ are optimized for specific instruments. Plug in or use the built-in mic; the high-res backlit LCD screen and familiar strobe interface make precise tuning easy. Create and store your own tuning presets in memory, and sync your tuner online, too. 

Accurate over the entire range of 16Hz to 8KHz.
Concert A setting is adjustable from 390Hz to 490Hz.
Automatic drop/capo transposition for all tunings.
Includes headphone / line out jack, 1/4" audio in and out jacks, and volume control.
Built-in speaker and microphone for acoustic use.
Power and LCD backlight have auto-off to conserve battery life.
Powered by rechargeable lithium battery (included).
USB connection and downloadable PetersonConnect™ software for online firmware updates, preset uploads, and settings syncronization (micro USB cable included).
Audio tuner mode includes a tone generator.
Standard tripod screw mount on the back, plus a swing-out stand for bench top use.
Optional upgrade to add metronome functionality is available ask for details.

Dimensions: 5-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 1-1/2" (133mm x 108mm x 38mm)

Sweetened tunings (subtle adjustments to equal temperament for more harmonious notes):
6, 7 and 12-string guitars
Bass guitar
Instruments with Buzz Feiten tuning system
Pedal steel guitar
Lap steel guitar
Resonator guitar
Mandolin family
Violin, viola and cello
5-string and 4-string banjos
Lute and viola da gamba
Sitar and oud
Brass and woodwinds
Arabic, African and Indonesian temperaments
Marimba and xylophone
Harmonica and accordion
Acoustic and electric pianos
Historic temperaments

StroboPlus HD Tuner

  • $199.99