The famous Gannaway hide bag with angled zipper, played by many of the best bands and pipers worldwide.

Comfortable angled zipper enables internal access for maintenance, easy dressing, and the use of moisture control systems, water traps, etc.

Available in Small (26" x 9 3/4"), Extended Small (28" x 9 3/4"), Medium (26" x 10 1/2"), Extended Medium (28" x 10 1/2") and Large (27 1/2" x 11 1/2") sizes.

Includes full instructions, tying-in string, zip-lube, and Gannaway Leather Primer.

Want a Gannaway Zip-only Bag but you're unable to tie in drone stocks?  Send us your stocks and we can tie the bag in for you! 

All Gannaway (Cowhide) Pipe Bags carry a two-year Warranty, covering Leather and Manufacturing Defects.*

*Excludes normal wear and tear or damage caused by inappropriate use, care, maintenance, or failure to follow Manufacturer's instructions.  Use of products/seasonings not recommended by Manufacturer may void warranty.  Do not use Airtight Seasoning in Zip-bags.  Do not immerse bag in water.

Gannaway Zip-Only Pipe Bag

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  • $350.00

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