• Lee Goatskin Pipe Bag

Goatskin is very close to sheepskin in sound. We would say you can get about 90% of the greatness of sheep with much less maintenance. When a goatskin is going well you can hardly tell the difference from sheepskin. Goatskin usually need less seasoning, costs the same but lasts longer. Goatskin is very good value for the money. All Lee bags provide you with the option of adding Zippers. The zippers give you easy access to the inside of the bag. You can add a moisture system to help keep the drones dry, fish out a lost drone reed, directly apply seasoning to any area of the bag, etc. You can also add drone and blowstick grommets to make the tie-in process a whole lot easier. All Lee bags are available in a wide range of sizes. Extended sizes and special cuts are available at no extra charge.

Lee Goatskin Pipe Bag

  • $359.00

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